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1306, 2021

CRPF Video by Tacoma Arts Live

June 13, 2021|

One of the few benefits of our past year's pandemic trauma has been that so much content that normally would have been delivered in ephemeral ways- live events, hard copy newsletters and the like, instead went online in video format leaving many organizations [...]

1905, 2021

Symphony Tacoma Presents Preview of Tacoma Method

May 19, 2021|

  AN ASIAN AMERICAN PACIFIC ISLANDER HERITAGE MONTH PRESENTATION Symphony Tacoma Presents Preview of Tacoma Method Tacoma Method: Three Arias Performed by Hai-Ting Chinn Premieres Saturday, May 22 at 7:30 pm on YouTube In observance of Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Symphony Tacoma [...]

Promoting peace, harmony and understanding in our multi-cultural community!

Chinese Reconciliation Project Foundation (CRPF) is a nonprofit organization that advances civic and cultural harmony. We work with the community to resolve social and cultural conflicts, build pathways to create reconciliation, and broaden understanding and relationships between people to establish truly cohesive and caring communities.

Over the past 25 years, CRPF has worked with the City of Tacoma, Washington, and community activists to acknowledge, address, and reconcile the events of a forceful expulsion that drove its Chinese population from the city in 1885. The expulsion caused a great rift between the city and Chinese people, an effect that is felt within the community even today.

Actively working to heal our community, CRPF and the City of Tacoma created the Tacoma Chinese Reconciliation Park. The park serves as a destination that educates people about the expulsion and acts as a connection that infuses our city with hope, healing, and inclusivity. Using the park as a model of reconciliation, CRPF aims to demonstrate how the process of reconciliation can generate positive change and inspire more compassionate and united communities throughout the world.



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