The Chinese Reconciliation Project Foundation (CRPF) is a nonprofit organization that advances civic harmony by way of the Chinese Reconciliation Park on Schuster Parkway along Commencement Bay in Tacoma, Washington. The Chinese garden motif allows the park to stand both as an acknowledgment of the forceful expulsion of the Chinese population of the City of Tacoma by municipal leaders and a large crowd on November 3, 1885, and as a celebration of the city’s multicultural past, present, and future. The expulsion was an act of exclusion in response to complex conditions of the time, among them economic decline and anti-Chinese sentiment. The park is an act of reconciliation and inclusivity toward appreciation of the people of diverse legacies and interests who are part of the city as a dynamic community.

Working with the city and the state, the foundation aims to inform and also to inspire. Through pathways and structures, as well as posted signage, visitors to the park can find out about Chinese sojourners who made their way to life and work in Tacoma and later encountered civic injustice. The pathways and structures thus provide a place for contemplation but also renewal. Children can run and play, family and friends can exchange ideas, and all can be mindful of the interconnectedness of peoples.

CRPF is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, currently registered with the WA Secretary of State’s office as required by law (registration number: (CHR-E95-089). Financial disclosure information may be obtained by calling 1-800-332-GIVE.

Ms. He Jingyan Chairman of the CPPCC Fuzhou Committee – Head of Fuzhou Delegation - left, Theresa Pan Hosley, CRPF President - right

Ms. He Jingyan Chairman of the CPPCC Fuzhou Committee – Head of Fuzhou Delegation (left) Theresa Pan Hosley, CRPF President (right), Greg Youtz, CRPF Board member (back)

History Tour with Bill Baarsma
President of Tacoma Historical Society

About CRPF

Board of Directors:

Executive Board:
President: Theresa Pan Hosley
Vice President: Greg Youtz
Treasurer: Lucy Zhou
Secretary: Lotus Perry
Community Relations & Board Development Co-Chairs:
Jill Magnuson, Bill Evans

Other Board Members:
Anne Tsuneishi
Calvin Pearson
Clarita Grant
Erling Kuester
Greg Yee
Larry Hosley
Linda C J Lee
Minh-Anh Hodge
Patrick Pow
Rini Ng
Yanjie Lu

Board Member Emerita:
Myrna Loy-Zolyomi
Suzanne Barnett

Office Staff:
Tina Lee Johnson, Executive Director
Deven Rope, Administrative Assistant