This year’s Tacoma Moon Festival (TMF) was held on September 9
at the Chinese Reconciliation Park!

We had such a successful and meaningful event, with more than 2,500 people at the festival on Saturday! Performers, vendors, and info booth providers came from every part of our diverse community! We thank all the participants, volunteers, and organizers of the festival, for their great work to make this event possible.

If you miss it, here is our program and poster.
Photos of the festival will be posted on the TMF website!


A big shoutout to the generosity of our sponsors!
Their donation enables us to further the vision of our foundation; to inform and inspire.

Events like the Tacoma Moon Festival provide us with a platform to educate the public on the troubling events of our local history while celebrating the multicultural diversity in our community today. Our event highlights the wealth of diversity in Tacoma and demonstrates the beauty that comes from standing in solidarity with one another in a harmonious community. It is a special day for us to come together to learn, reflect, and celebrate.

Tacoma Moon Festival next year: September 14, 2024

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building pathways to healing and reconciliation,
and creating valuable relationships between people of all different walks of life.

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