Recognizing the intersections of racial and gender biases against Asian American women, this symposium aims to share stories of challenges and triumphs in the lives of three accomplished Asian American women leaders, and engage our students and the community in a discussion about workplace diversity, breaking through the bamboo ceiling, and other race and gender related issues, particularly in light of the recent surge of anti-AAPI violence  and   racism.   Presented by University of Puget Sound’s Asian Studies Program, the symposium is co-sponsored by the Chinese Reconciliation Project Foundation in Tacoma, Washington.

Mary Yu Prepared Remarks: Take the Space

Washington State Supreme Court Justice Mary Yu talks about growing up bi-ethnic in Chicago and her journey through the very white, male legal profession to her current position.

Nicole Shanahan Prepared Remarks: Claim Your Story

Silicon Valley entrepreneur and lawyer Nicole Shanahan tells of her mother’s arrival in the US from China in the early ’80’s and how Nicole grew up balancing family and business cultures, proving to her traditional grandfather that girls are worth educating.

Jill Nishi Prepared Remarks: Family Of Origin Stories

Gates Foundation administrator and now independent consultant Jill Nishi talks about the importance of remaining true to your own origin stories while finding a place in corporate America.

Empowering Asian Americans: Women in Leadership
A Symposium at University of Puget Sound 10-2-21

This panel of three dynamic Asian American women in leadership took place at the University of Puget Sound on October 2, 2021.

Featured speakers:

Puget Sound Trustee Emerita Jill Nishi | Bio
Washington Supreme Court Justice Mary Yu | Bio
Attorney and Entrepreneur Nicole Shanahan | Bio

Co-sponsored by CRPF and the Asian Studies Program at the University of Puget Sound.