Letter from CRPF President Theresa Pan Hosley
2022 Year-End Review

Dear Friends,

As I reflect on the past twelve months and prepare to welcome the New Year, I feel deep gratitude for what we have accomplished as a team in 2022.

The Board and I are able to provide a list of accomplishments that could only have happened thanks to your financial contribution, your willingness to volunteer, and your continued support of our vision. Please take a moment to read what you helped us achieve!

In June, after several years of editing, the Foundation republished “Straw Hats, Sandals and Steel – The Chinese in Washington State” by Lorraine Barker Hildebrand.

On September 9th, the Foundation held the 10th Annual Tacoma Moon Festival in person for the first time in two years. We drew a record crowd to the Chinese Reconciliation Park!

This year we premiered two films as part of our “Our Communities, Our Neighbors” video series: the first was on August 8th, “Executive Order 9066 – All Persons of Japanese Ancestry”. Author Merilee Tanbara talked about her research into her own family history in Tacoma’s Nijonmachi-Japan Town, and her writing of a novel based on her experience, the experiences of Japanese American before, during and after World War II. It reminded all of us how an action could affect the life of generations of people. On November 21st, “The Resting Place,” told the story of how Tacoma’s Vietnamese Community came together to establish a shared cemetery to honor their passed love ones. This was a heart wrenching story that also warmed our hearts.

On October 8th, the Foundation co-sponsored the 2nd forum with the University of Puget Sound “Empowering Asian Americans: Community Advocacy”. A panel discussion featuring Chevi Chung, funding artistic director, Empatho Company; Lia Shigemura, DEI Consultant; Daniel Nguyen, Council Member of the City of Lake Oswego and Bambuza CEO and Founder.

On October 29th, more than 500 people from near and far participated in the “Walk for Reconciliation Against Racism”.

2022 marks the 137th anniversary that the entire Chinese community was forced out of Tacoma. The work of the Chinese Reconciliation Project Foundation is to ensure that this tragic event will never happen again to anyone or any communities in our city. We appreciate that you continue to be a part of our efforts to ensure every person in our community has the opportunity to thrive. We continue to use this event in Tacoma’s history to strive for a better future. Your support gives us the platform to continue to spread the message of inclusion and we are so grateful.

The Board and I look forward to another year of fun and educational planning. We hope that you plan to continue to join us at our events in the coming year.

Wishing you a wonderful 2023 and the Year of the Rabbit!

With Gratitude,






CRPF President


Letter sent out via email to all of our friends and 2022 donors