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June 13, 2021|

Of Race and Reconciliation
Video by PBS

1885 Chinese Expulsion: Places & People – A Digital Story Map

This tour takes you to some of the places and people involved with the 1885 expulsion of Chinese merchants, laborers and their families from the city of Tacoma. It broadly recounts the history of the expulsion and provides context to the places associated with activities leading up to these events.
Created by Jennifer Callaghan of the Tacoma Historical Society


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Dr. Sun Yat Sen Chinese Garden, Vancouver, B.C. Canada
Portland Chinese Classical Garden, Lan Su Yuan, Portland, OR

Tacoma Immigration and
Refugee Commission – Video Discussion

Remembering Tacoma’s Nihonmachi

Asian American history and culture websites and guides to other resources hosted by the Center for Educational Telecommunications, Berkeley, CA
Washington State Commission on Asian Pacific American Affairs
Article on the Tacoma Expulsion in History Link, the free online encycolpedia of Washington history… Lesson on the Anti-Chinese Movement in the Pacific Northwest
The Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience, Seattle, WA
Chinese Historical Society of America (San Francisco, CA)
Public television’s documentary series about the Chinese American experience and links to resources
Timeline of Chinese American history
Interesting multi-media timeline packed with information
Angel Island, where immigrants from Asia were processed from 1910 to 1040
Harper’s Weekly cartoons, illustrations, and articles from the period of the Anti-Chinese Movement
Article and lithograph of March 6, 1886 in Harper’s Weekly of the Anti-Chinese Riot at Seattle
Editorial of November 21, 1885: Crimes Against the Chinese
Historical summary of the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882
Information on the Rock Springs Massacre in Wyoming which occurred just before the Tacoma Expulsion
Online exhibit on Chinese American women’s history

The No Place Project

Originally called No Place for Your Kind, The No Place Project is a narrative photography project that documents contemporary locations where anti-Chinese violence took place in the late 19th and early 20th centuries in North America. The photographs are combined with stories about the events that happened at those sites.

This project was originally created by University of Puget Sound students enrolled in Digital History (399) during the spring of 2017. An additional round of editing and additions were made by students in Doing History (200) during the spring of 2018. Working in concert with Professor Andrew Gomez, the students were responsible for conducting primary and secondary research, writing original pieces of analysis, and using a variety of digital tools to enhance their arguments. Students in this course were also responsible for turning the “Tacoma Riot of 1885” Wikipedia entry from a “stub” to a full article. Inquiries related to the project can be directed to

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